Saturday, July 22, 2006

Beautiful woman and cockroach

Beautiful woman extremely attractive, caused the people to look has not been able to forget, the man even for obtain the beautiful woman to do not hesitate the crime, the cockroach extremely is actually ugly, make people gastric disorder, the flying big cockroach even causes the gentleman also to call out in alarm! The beautiful woman and the cockroach all are, therefore obviously the god's disposition which the god creates is the unusual extreme, has the god's love the person will obtain the love likes beautiful woman's love in Heaven (certainly is not is human body that kind), but commits the big crime to detest by the god, must accept the penalty which is does not die in there insect, falls in the immortal god's hand is fearful!

David's true colors!

The famine in the days of David for three years, the god experiments David to come. David to let success go to the head on because a speech giving up sends his wife Michal, but the god but actually does not have because David to commit the big crime to give up him in the same old way, is the god's affection! Actually the god deceased intends to the later generations person at present, ridiculed he loves beautiful woman than loves god, arranges David is old when to be sensitive to cold, must hug the beautiful woman! The king which selects by god, the old age is not intimate with the god well, actually must hug a young beautiful woman, this picture is not too strange? David is sees a woman to take! Abigail is the example! David looked has pulled out shows Bathsheba to take a bath already the greatly full fine sights, he wants the woman greatly to be allowed to look for his own wife, how many wives did he not have? But he actually assigns to have to pull out shows Bathsheba, afterwards did not hesitate to offend the god, betrayed the oneself country the soldier! Clearly officially informed dies still dies in battle for the country Saul, poured matches compared to David makes the three services command! Jesus Christ is willing to be called David the descendants, is the god code of honor, but also ridicules David from the god, I looked the god's promise to David is unstable, has the condition. I now not to like reading David's poem! David sadly repents bitterly, possibly is feared loses prays for heavenly blessing than had feared loses the god! Because he saw with own eyes how Saul to lose the god's blessing the pitiful fate.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

David cruelly to Saul's family

Before David is the king each matter to ask the god, but after there was a famine in the days of David for three years, the Gibeonites to have to hang to death Saul's family, David's inactivity to ask the God, David's son which quickly dies of illness for oneself actually vigorously to seek divine help as if! Moreover David because a speech then abandons Michal the daughter of Saul,who he recaptures again , once used the idea to rescue him. David to Saul's family very to be actually cruel! You agree?

Does God admit Saul?

After Saul to be a broken and contrite heart, and does not hope the diet, calculated sadly repents bitterly? After he is frightened, knew perfectly well died still dies in battle for the country! Calculates the brave martyr? The God can admit him?

Moses only almost?

The god can tell the light comes out from darkness If Moses told the water comes out from the rock, he then represents the god in front of the Israeli, but not only in front of the pharaoh replaces the god! He cannot arrive promises, whether doesn't calculate the penalty? But is explained he originally has not get the god's promise and to revere the glory.

Moses goes over the Jordan river?

The mountain that Jesus transfigured, did not know whether in the west of the Jordan river? If, then Moses because Jesus with then was crossing the river. If otherwise, then Jesus did not have while convenient helps him, whether could say because of Moses but must go out the promised land? But "it is good that we are here" the lucky share occurs outside the promised land?

The nickname of God

My daughter eight, nine years old often receive the inspiration to speak (I at first to think is evil spirit), has her to my short period of time, says "the grandpa and grandma"(爺和嫲) three characters! She was naive at that time, has not read the Holy Bible, also not the impossible knowledge God's name was Jehovah, I thought she took the god the name harmonics to crack a joke. Passes through many years to meditate, I begin to understood this name meaning. Her grandfather and grandmother actually was my father and the mother! But my parents most are partial to me in the numerous children, therefore the god tells I he is willing to work as me the parents, but the god can extremely love me! My father is a coolie, my mother is a sanitation worker, they not are literate, also does not have the interest to pay attention to in their eye western Christianity, I once was saved for them the question extremely anxiety, now the god since works as I the parents, he decided cannot call me the mortal body parents to perish! Thanks god! Praises "the grandpa and grandma"(爺和嫲)! Aa the bible says,"Believe in Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household" Acts 16:31 ,and also says "And as for me, this is my convenant with them," says the Lord:" My Spirit that is upon you, and my words that I have put in your mouth, shall not depart out of your mouth, or out of the mouth of your offspring, or out of the mouth of your children's offspring,"says the Lord, "from this time forth and forevermore." Isaiah 59:21

The god can give up the Israeli?

In bible,Jeremiah 31 and 33 chapters said if the heavens above can be measured, and the foundations of earth below can be explored, discards the daytime dark night law, then the god only then can give up the Israeli. Nowadays the science and technology should be possible to measure the heavens and to explore the foundations of earth below, but the new heaven and new earth only has the daytime, does not have the dark night! Whether the god early knowledge does play gives up the Israeli! Then after on promised how gives the row person's lucky share?

Who sits the white the great throne?

Sits the white great throne that is not the entire knowledge god! Because he wants to look the record and the book of life only then can place on trial! He is not Jesus, because discusses the living water with the woman that time to indicate Jesus knew person's past!

Who Satan but pretends? !

Satan but praises himself for the bright stars, greatly has the wisdom, but in creates at the beginning of the world to play the role of the snake, afterwards only then played the role of the dragon, explained he began makes a mistake, who he wants to be jealous! (Always one can play the role of prestige glory image.But the Chinese all knew the distinction between dragon and snake, dragon ascends the sky, but the snake only lies in on the place to crawl) the dragon is the Chinese mascot figure, emperor, that power is a Chinese as if! Unreasonably gives Chinese's wisdom by the god is take the devil as the mascot figure! Satan but because is jealous rebels against the god!
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